A great website needs to perform!

Our performance monitoring service means our team will look at how your website is performing and how we can improve it.

Website Performance

Monitoring, reporting, and improving website performance is crucial for your business, and we prioritize this aspect of our services. We understand the significance of ensuring that your website is functioning optimally, which is why we offer comprehensive monitoring and reporting to identify areas for improvement.


One of the things our clients love to know is ‘how many visitors are visiting my website?’ You will be able to access your Google Analytics on your dashboard and see the amount of traffic coming into your website.


If your website is slow it can hurt your business a lot. That is why we review your website performance regularly and optimise to ensure your it is performing at its peak at all times. We also ensure your plugins and code is always on the latest fastest versions.


How your website keywords are performing in the search engines is very important. We keep track on how your keywords are ranking in search engines, find out who your competitors are and how you compare against them.


We clean up spam comments and optimise your database regularly to speed up your website. As your database grows it can slow down your website performance so we keep everything clean and optimised.


We will set you up with your own amazing custom online dashboard that shows you all your website data in one place. It shows you how much traffic you are getting, Keyword Ranking + Much more


New devices come onto the market every week with new screen sizes likes the new iPhone, iPad & Samsung Phones, so we ensure that your website is always up to date and ensure your website looks and works great on all new devices.

Of all websites use google analytics to monitor traffic
Average uptime of your website
Number of our clients who love their client dashboard
Number of seconds users expect your website to load or will look elsewhere
Amazing Reports

Our website care team send you a Google Analytic report every week so you can see how much traffic is coming into your website. We will also send you your keyword rankings so you can see how your keywords are ranking in the search engines. The report also includes your website performance and optimisation results.